Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

A prescription is the note your doctor writes so you can get the medicine you need from a pharmacy.
A Repeat Prescription, is where you regularly need the same medication over time.

You can get a repeat prescription without having to see your doctor.

Your doctor may ask to see you, every now and again, to check that the prescription is still needed.

When you are running out of your medicine, you need to get a repeat prescription.

Don’t keep too many medicines at home.

You need to tell your us when you need a repeat prescription.

You may order your repeat prescription using On-line Access

If you do not have on-line access, please order your repeat prescription from your doctors surgery and not from a pharmacy.

Ordered Repeat Prescription via our website or by email are not accepted.

If a pharmacy has been asking for your repeat prescription, tell them you will be asking for them yourself from your doctor’s surgery.

You should ask for your repeat prescription about 7 days before you run out of your medicine.

Request should be made around 10 days beforehand around New Year, Easter & Christmas